Crescent City Kills (LaStanza New Orleans Police Novels)

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Lastanza: New Orleans Police Stories

Educated in Catholic schools like St. De Noux, Sr.

Police negotiate with murder suspect Sylvester Holt on New Orleans Crescent City Connection

Consequently, the De Noux family traveled extensively. While in Italy, De Noux began his life-long love of books and movies. Reading a book a week from the army post library, he saw just about every Hollywood movie produced between to at the post theatre.

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He was able to see Psycho at age thirteen, which drew him to greatly admire, and later closely study the works of Alfred Hitchcock. He quickly moved on to the Horatio Hornblower novels of C. Kennedy, an event which changed his life dramatically. Awakening to the dramatic social changes occurring in the south in the s, De Noux grew to admire Martin Luther King, Jr. Influence of his Family. The trauma of Vietnam visited the De Noux home with telling effects as his father, set to retire in , volunteered for service in Vietnam. A criminal investigator for the C. His father retired from the U. Upon earning a gold certificate as a top English student, De Noux, a faithful Marvel Comics fan, listed Stan Lee as his favorite author to the chagrin of the Christian Brothers.

Wells, George Orwell, J. Salinger, F. During the next few years De Noux penned twenty of the worst science-fiction stories ever written. He still has the stories and goes back to them to remind himself just how badly he could write. Army for service in Vietnam. While awaiting shipment to Southeast Asia, angry at being a second-generation to serve in Vietnam, De Noux was shocked when his shipment was cancelled as the gradual reduction in forces began.

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De Noux took run-of-the-mill army pictures while expressing himself creatively with black-and-white still-life photos, winning several Best Photo Awards. Delany, James Sallis, and Harlan Ellison, his new favorite writer. He read everything available by Ellison and renewed his pursuit of writing science-fiction with the same results — bad stories, badly written.

Early Police Career. While working the nightshift, De Noux abandoned his dream of becoming a successful science-fiction writer.


He turned to mysteries and began working on what became a five hundred page, single-spaced manuscript, a disjointed series of stories featuring his first literary creation. The manuscript depicted the escapades of a patrolman with no central plot. Too episodic, the only encouragement De Noux received from editors was praise for the realistic dialogue and strong use of setting. When promoted to the Homicide Division, De Noux found his calling and finally discovered what he should write about.

An exceptional career as a homicide detective followed in which De Noux solved every murder where he was lead investigator fifteen and assisted in over fifty other homicide investigations. Shortly after, he was transferred from Homicide, banished to a quiet police district when a new sheriff was elected.

Offered a lucrative position as chief investigator at a private investigative firm, De Noux worked as a P. Lauded for their hyper-realistic portrayal of police homicide work, the LaStanza Series received critical acclaim for its sharp dialogue and fast-pacing. A strong friendship developed as Effinger encouraged, then taught De Noux how to write short stories.

Ellison, the award-winning grand master of speculative fiction took De Noux under wing and remains a strong influence in his writings. Then I go back and read Ellison to cleanse my palate, like good wine. He also succeeded in selling his first science-fiction short story. Returning to New Orleans in , De Noux began a long association with Louisiana colleges, teaching writing classes creative writing, short story writing, mystery writing and science-fiction writing at Tulane University — , the University of New Orleans — , and Delgado Community College — This true-crime book detailed the intricate police investigation of a murder case which shocked south Louisiana.

Return to Law Enforcement. Taken in by generous patrons of the arts, Anne and Dr. Lee J. A burning man A burning man stumbles in front of Det. Dino LaStanza's police car.

Crescent City Kills

Doused with gasoline, the victim had been set afire with a flare gun. How did this View Product. City Maps Juchitan de Zaragoza Mexico. City Maps Juchitan de Zaragoza Mexico is an easy to use small pocket book filled City Maps Juchitan de Zaragoza Mexico is an easy to use small pocket book filled with all you need for your stay in the big city. Attractions, pubs, bars, restaurants, museums, convenience stores, clothing stores, shopping centers, marketplaces, police, emergency City of Secrets.

Two months after Hurricane Katrina the New Orleans Police Department is as devastated as the city - police stations destroyed, mass desertions of officers, no reliable communications, a fraction of the force struggling to hold it all together.

Lastanza: New Orleans Police Stories - O'Neil De Noux - Google книги

The slow Conspiracy in the Crescent City. Jerry Malone can't go home again. After he escapes Hurricane Katrina, he lives in Manhattan After he escapes Hurricane Katrina, he lives in Manhattan wearing mismatched suits and making mismatched relationships, longing for a redux. When a rich New Orleans heiress hires wisecracking and world-weary Jerry for a case, he Crescent Alliance. Arab terrorists have