The 3-Hour Body: The Simple Guide To A More Attractive Appearance

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Also: learn to corral your unwanted hair. Get a decent pair of tweezers and attack your eyebrows and any ear and nose hair. Most men have absolutely no idea what to do with their hair. They go to the barber or Supercuts, get the exact same haircut over and over again, and never stop to think just how much a decent hair cut can change how they look. Also: No ponytails. Very few men can pull off long hair and unless you are ripcord, rockstar thin, that includes you.

Some people can pull off facial hair. If you have patches of bare skin in your beard, you need to just accept that you may not be one of them; a patchy, scraggly beard makes you look more like Chester The Molester than the God of Testosterone you think you are. Others are insecure about their bodies and wear larger clothes in an attempt to disguise it.

How to be an attractive man

A skilled tailor can make clothes look absolutely amazing on you. Find clothes that fit over your widest, hardest-to-size feature 2 and have the rest adjusted to fit. Good posture can make a night-and-day difference in your appearance. Look in the mirror, then turn to your side.

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Look at where your head and chin fall in relation to your chest and shoulders; you want a straight line from the crown of your head to your spine. Your ears, shoulders, arms, knees, and feet should all form a straight line, not hunching forward with a curved back and spine. It helps to imagine a string attached to the top of your head, directly above where your spine meets your skull, pulling you slightly upward.

Use that imaginary string to lift yourself up, letting your arms dangle loosely from your side and leaving your knees slightly bent; you want a relaxed, at ease look, not military precision.

Law of Attraction: How to CHANGE Your Appearance (BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE) - Leeor Alexandra

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with your weight evenly distributed and your toes pointing straight forward or at a slight outward angle. Learning to adopt proper posture will help lengthen your spine, which will help you stand a little taller.

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Incidentally, this is one more area where yoga is absolutely invaluable. Practicing yoga twice a week will make adopting good posture a habit and help build up the muscles you need to maintain it. My addiction to Diet Dr Pepper is legendary and I will eat damn near anything if you deep fat fry it. You can use patterns to alter parts of an already existing image. Geometric Photography , for example, uses shapes to shift around where certain pieces of the image are. Shifting different parts of an image can create a different effect, and can create something quite original.

The second background on this page is a great example, combining deep green and orange for a serious, professional look. Poor color choice can be distracting, so brush up on color theory and test how different colored shapes look against each other.

Find shapes that fit and flow well together, and that create a more seamless whole, rather than something that seems thrown together. You can use a lot of different styles and shapes to create something completely your own. Combining different shapes, lighting, and colors can produce different effects and illusions, and gives you a lot of material to work with. A border is a good way to enhance an image with shapes, without it being too distracting.

Take Zeppe , for example, which uses a geometric pattern to focus on its name.

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How to Lose Fat Quickly (12lb in 90 days) | StrongLifts

With technology, we have the benefit of enhancing various geometric patterns for the internet—like, for example, adding simple, alternating animation between two geometric patterns. Noir is a great example, as it uses a simple GIF to switch between one set of lines and another, creating the illusion of motion. This flow makes for a more professional look, while still adding some creativity. Patterns are a great way to separate and categorize information, making it easier for viewers to find.

Traditional art appeals to nostalgia, and allows you to create something a bit more personal, such as with these black-and-white vectors. Patterns and lines are quite effective at drawing the eye to certain elements. Showreel is a great example, using a variety of circles, splatters, and other shapes throughout their site. No one says you have to stick to the standard circles, squares, and triangles; in fact, a design might work better using less traditional shapes. Fenix Music , for example, uses speech bubbles and lightning bolts to highlight certain elements, a design which works better due to the connection to the subject matter.

Lines are great at drawing the eye to elements; why not use them to create a web between different subjects, like Kikk Festival does? Use it to make connections between several subjects, make a more appealing design, or something else entirely.

10 Best Daily Habits For Men | Easy Ways To Be More Attractive

Complex patterns are great, but too many can be overwhelming. Fiore provides an interesting example: They use highly-detailed plants as their pattern, with some of the more appealing designs being limited to small spaces. Not every pattern needs color; keeping it black and white can be just as appealing, and can make a pattern more widely applicable.

Look at Helvetimart — the pattern looks great without color, making the latter unnecessary. Take Yamaha , for example; the pattern on their website matches the pattern on their building. Probably the simplest tip, but one of the easiest to forget: less is more. The Tea Factory is a great example of geometric patterns done well, keeping them limited to their header.

Limit use to avoid overwhelming a viewer and to give the patterns more impact. Some ideas for your own? Share them with us in the comments below. Kayla Darling is a writer from Rome, Pennsylvania who has been writing and posting stories online for years. She has a passion for community service and storytelling, and probably spends an inordinate amount of time doing both. Kayla, so thoughtfully inspired and insightful. Yes, the psychology of shapes. This is a book; for the creative student, the school library, the office, and our coffee tables!

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